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So I was parked by the lake, lovely bit of water, when I started thinking fractions.I was never good at maths, never had much use for it. I work with me hands, and one two is all I need to know. Three, sometimes. An uppercut or a hook.Never had use for long division until…


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DOWN WITH A COLD To take the mind off my sinuses, I was totalling Fibonacci numbers, while reflecting over recent events. I hadn't done a job in exactly one week — when the street crazy hired me to find his brain. Took a while…

The Adventures of Tequila Kitty: Chapter 3 - by Brian Lepire

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I’d made it to the motel parking lot when I heard the footsteps. A sombrero may make me look good, but it does shit for my hearing, so the bastards were able to scoop me up real quick. The first one gave me a hard slap on the top of the head with an opene

Fire Opal

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She was trying on a few pairs of wet jeans in the bathroom, the same jeans she had tried on a few days ago, somehow imagining that soaking wet, they'd fit.Her waist was growing fast now, but, if she believed this would work for her, that wet jeans would stretch or…

Death's Honesty -- 1

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She thought at first it was lightning.

Death's Honesty (Ch-2)

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That quick, sharp pang in the stomach...

Death's Honesty (3)

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“Oh, Blow, where's your sense of humor?”

Death's Honesty (4)

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“I was so fucking stoned, man”

Death's Honesty (5)

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“Man...I...I loved them!”

Death's Honesty (6)

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Blow knew better than to trust any cop completely.

Death's Honesty (7)

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"It doesn't look good."

Death's Honesty (8)

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Moriarty, we need to talk.

Death's Honesty (9)

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Stood up at the church

Death's Honesty (11)

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We left Blow heading back to Patmos after receiving a terse message from the church secretary that “something happened.” Feeling danger in the air, he arranges for Homer Price to back him up.

Death's Honesty (12)

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All-important sex scene? Getting closer, getting closer--still in foreplay