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Inventing Games

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As children we invent games and we're really creative. We concoct ridiculous rules and enjoy making adaptations to them. And everything makes sense. Then you grow up, lose creativity. You don't invent games anymore. Recess is replaced with a second…

Seeking Psychologists (preferably with a specialization in creativity)

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I am a struggling, creative-minded professional who spends way too much time in my own creative mind.

Dry Well

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What if I never have another idea? thought the inventor. I would have to get a regular job, commute in traffic like a line of ants and produce labor on a strict schedule. I would never again feel the joy of making something new,…

Because it is Summer

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Then sings the Bird-Who-Prays. She mumbles softly asking forgiveness for all the sinners of the world and food for all the hungry children. He knows as well as she, she has long since lost her faith and only sings out of habit.

Danger Above, Danger Below

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And you know that notion just goes to show...