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Le Bon Temps

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By the time the tuba player rolls in from Houston, there's only an hour left until curfew. He shuffles his way through the crowd on the sidewalk, dips his horn through the doorway, and wedges himself up onto the tiny stage with the other four players. Now the Hot 8 Brass…

The Grief Counselor

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At first she kept repeating "I don’t know why he's doing this" as if the cops thought she was mixed up in it somehow. When they convinced her that all she needed to do was talk to her brother and tell him to give himself up, she looked hopeless.

Love , Devotion & Surrender

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I must have said deliverance out loud as a Ned Beatty look-alike appeared on the street accompanied by banjo-picking Appalachians. Now, I have been known to squeal like a pig, but given my new found appreciation for single use orifices, I quickly conclude

Murderer's Road

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The road ran an empty mile, straight to the Gulf of Mexico. North, it sandwiched neat between prehistoric land where snarled tangles of branch filled a landscape of dune and swamp. A thousand burned sticks, tall and barren rose to a burning blue sky. Nuketown, Sillinger…

Two Sides

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"What if he's dead?"

Officer Handsome

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I managed to get ahead of him, but he got behind me and turned his lights on. I then heard "Pull over NOW!" I wasn't sure how I could hear that as my windows were rolled up. Did he have a bullhorn? Oh crap; maybe he is a real cop? Why would a thief want t

Billy, Ray & Melvin Have Their Say

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up against the strippers’ backstage trailer where Billy is soon enough spraying black bowel blood in geyser arcs, spitting teeth like ivory beads popped from the long wavy crimson chin strings;

Art & Me

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A human cop and a cyborg detective team up to solve a case. A sci-fi-pulp-noir-detective story.


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What the fuck is that smell? Puke? Pine-Sol? Oh shit!Back seat of a cop car.Again?What is it this time?“Excuse me, officer? Where the fuck are my clothes?”

You Can Wear Skinny Jeans

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He looks at me again, this time glancing down at my skinny jeans, “And... are you a single mom?” he seems to think he has it right, taking a last look at my aquamarine colored pants and the tapered area around my calves.

Everybody Be Cool, This is a Robbery!

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Wesley did not rob banks in Banning County. Wesley Roberts was the sheriff of Banning County; robbing its banks would have created a conflict of interest.