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A mere second is enough...

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This was why the man on the bicycle was still in time to turn his head to her because he thought it was his sister who lived in California, because she wore the same jacket and in his inattentiveness almost ran over another cyclist.

The Coincidence Union

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Ono doubted Seriality made any sense for reality, but it was fine for fiction.

No More I Love You's

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I liked it better before, left up to me.

What Could It Mean?

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“Are you familiar with the Mammalian Diving Reflex?” “Yes. When the face comes in contact with water below the temperature of, what, 60 degrees—”

Violet Hour

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“My name is Violet,” I add. I am trying to stop lying. Going without cigarettes has been easier.

An Arcane Coincidence

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“NYPD. I would like to check your car's trunk. ”

The Book

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The following is a true story, or rather it is a true experience from the story of my life. Some say that just because something happens doesn’t really make it “true”.

House of Coincidence

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Sinela nodded, shifting her stance so that the curve of her hip shaped the tunic. “Who is Lolita?” she asked. Philip set down his fork.