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Marcel was sitting across from me when I pulled the potato out of my backpack. He was small, brown, round; I tried to pick one that didn’t look old or make me look poor. A classless potato. “What’s that?” “Ummm it’s a potato.” “


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You're a good dog, she whispered to him, a good brave dog. Her face was tight with soap.

Jumping Beans

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The red laser flashes. He asks if I have an Ace Rewards card. I can't even answer because my beans have stopped jumping. I wonder if the laser light harmed them. Then one jumps and another, and I hand the boy some money, suddenly very fond of my beans.

Just One Sentence

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Blinking, Eleanor frowned at the words she’d uttered. They were absurd… foolish. Unequivocally unscientific, but beautiful nonetheless. The notion of the sunless hours embodied as a clumsy artist struck the student as interesting.

Fertile Ground

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Miriam forced herself to focus on the kitchen door and on putting one foot in front of the other. “Is everything alright?” she heard Ada ask the family. “Of course, everything is fine,” the woman said. “What could be wrong other than the impossible serv

Yet More from The Chronicles of His Demise

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The Muse//has used/ me up