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Who Is Don Galt?

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Don Galt’s butterflies swallowed Peter Robinson’s holdings on a cool and cloudy December afternoon.

Getting There

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The monarchs that migrate to Mexico and California in the autumn every year live for only a month.

The Lost Language of Aramaic

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He instantly forgot how to speak...

Letting Go

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He collected beliefs like butterflies. Pinned in place, proudly displayed and protected from change. They were as ephemeral as a desert mirage. Spectral forms in shimmering light. Images traced in sand with the wind blowing. He held them dear, only to see them…

The Butterfly Effect

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Now it turns out, the story doesn’t begin with the butterfly lady, herself, but with her brother.

I Am Not Like All The Rest: Funny Lines From Online Dating Profiles

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After becoming single at age 62, I joined an online dating site. After a year of perusing profiles and meeting men for coffee, staying single is starting to look better and better to me. But I've stayed on the site, in part for the pure enjoyment of…