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Sadie Hawkins Day

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It’s Leap Year and my school is observing Sadie Hawkins Day, which means the sixth-graders have a dance where the girls ask the boys to dance and the rest of us get to dress up like hillbillies.

Celluloid Angel

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To be a wonder girl she wears a wonder bra isn’t a bore bothering with how it cuts her up inside the fabric so tight it

Things I Should Have Done - #2

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I do not trust Shay anymore.

Breasts by Candlelight

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White waxed thighs, meet in shadow triangle - vertical line to a promised entry.

Mr. Townsend Wakes Up

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Mr. Townsend is a normal guy. He's been on auto pilot a while. When he finally snaps out of it, he's surprised at what he finds.


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“You have an impressive pair there,” he says, hands warm as he cups them. “Shame they’re on a man though.”

Beauty and the Breasts: A Conversation

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Jesus has monkey toes and breasts.

Breasts and Pickups

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Two giant greasy hands were working those breasts hard, squeezing and tugging and pulling. She didn't holler.

My History With Bras

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"Maybe so, but you have seen those photos in the National Geographic, right? Do you really want to risk it?" she demands and I sigh in defeat. I wake up at midnight, hot from too many blankets and pull my bra off through the sleeves of my shirt. I th