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Sugar and Saline

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Aidan and Amber met in a doughnut shop

The Going

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The honesty was in the going

Desperate Texts

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Me: Remember that one time when we went to Mexico and ate lobsters and drank tequila at that restaurant? We were right in front of the water. Remember? Him: Yes. :) Me: It can be like that again. We could go down there. Him: Not a great idea.

The Breakup

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Don’t break things, I add. And he looks at me like I’ve broken everything else.

When To Wear Mascara

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it's time for the cold, antiseptic cloth to briskly remove the evidence.

He's Just Not That Into You -Part I

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“Too perfect.” my therapist intervenes in assurance, “You did enough, really. More than anyone else would.” I know the subtext is that I possibly did more than I should. My appointment is coincidentally later that day, after his goodbye letter arrives in