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Poetry: Bizarro

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I think theorems and hypotheses but all that comes out is punching and smashing frustrated hate flows where I'd prefer to know love.

Time Travel And The Posse Comitatus McDonald’s Standoff

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Ricky's older brother Tom worked at a McDonald's, in the back half because of his full-face tattoos of Star Wars characters from outside the official canon, mostly creatures from fan fiction and Marvel comic books about the trilogy that were penned in a bizarro universe…


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The frog was splayed after its operation in the science lab, but not forsaken. He knew that his wife still loved him, even though he was in an advanced state of dissection. “Oooooo, Mdntf, let's hide under the table and touch tongues,”

A Man With Pain Behind His Teeth

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He coughed, tongue worrying the now-bare spot with relentless fascination even as he attended to the other side, extracting one half-inch at a time a metal rosary, the beads popping from his gums like so many baby teeth lost long ago.

Dinner With The Family

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...the sound of heavy breathing pervaded the living room, and the usual set of commercials was replaced by the grainy, black-and-white image of a man who floundered like a twitching worm across...

The Chainsaw Baron Prophecy

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I’d do the same thing every weekend: get high on fiber, design a robot. Wait, back up. I’d come home from work, Friday night. I didn’t know anyone in Jet City because I spent all of my free time trying to shoot my movie, The Predatory Lender’s Jukebox

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