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Dumb-dumb Bird

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Dumb-dumb bird sat down disrupt and abrupt. Dumb-dumb bird didn't understand I need space and there wasn't any space here for her squawking and turquoise bubble coat. Dumb-dumb bird got mad when I had to school her with several elbow jabs. She should know but soon found out…

Sometimes It's Best To Keep Your Mouth Shut

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I remembered breakfasts from long ago, the french toast soggy and the milk too raw.

Fable Of The Alicanto

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There is nothing so obscure it is not enhanced by talking, nothing so dull it cannot be coaxed into brilliance, nothing so deep it cannot be dug from an abyss and brought to the surface in paroxysms of red.

There are many birds

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There are many birds on the roofI stand outside and watch themAs they perch and do nothingMy roof is full of birdsIf I get up there they will fly awaySo I stand below and look up at the birdsIt's safer here than on the roofI'm scared of heights anywaySo I could never be a…


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she wanted to hear you tell her her eyes are made of lavender and lime twist. but all you said was fuck with your lips. so she swam away

Six Spring Tweets

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[the blind man's tweet] I held the words in my hands. They were cool to the touch. I wanted to put them in my mouth but I was afraid I might choke on them.

Phantom head syndrome

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The Bird King suffers from phantom head syndrome. Ever since his decapitation by a critic, he has felt pain where his head used to be. Sometimes it wakes him in the night. It's so excruciating, he fumbles for a saw. But alas! there's nothing to chop off.He's seen every…

Bird Words

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a thinking man's bird high above coated with scent of life