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What does it mean to be a man? Shoes knows. It's when you're walking down the street and a bunch of kids try to get you to fight with them and you don't. …

Shirts and Skins

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The boys finished their laps and returned to the center of the gym, Hamid shuffling up last, as usual. Amid the T-shirts and shorts, he wore faded blue slacks and a grubby, long sleeved dress shirt. He always dressed that way, even in gym class, as though

Grocery Deliveries

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I was shooting baskets in the driveway when the Mexican kid delivered the groceries. He drove in fast and loud . . .


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I flung the basketball at the hoop and Cooper shagged the ball. He was the luckiest bastard I knew. ...

Bigger than Michael Jordan

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The ball thuds against splintered planks, once the gate to our backyard, nailed to a telephone pole that Pap, my grandfather, has cut down to size and planted in the dirt he cleared between the gravel driveway and the irrigation ditch.

In Real Time

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We are the same shits/ we were in the Bronze Age