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The Big Game

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The vampire donated floodlights so the children could play ballgames at night. The lights came on but the dugouts remained vacant. The vampire sat alone in the bleachers. “Sometimes I am less than the sum of my parts,” he said to the sum of his parts.

The Measure Of A Man

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Cos I play hard that’s why. Everyday hard. You want someone who ain’t an everyday player ? Try our Closer. But ain’t his fault he’s always sat there in the pen, like he’s taken root. His number lines rely on the rest of the team. So he’s flatl

The Great San Francisco Poetry Wars, 15

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Steve Bancroft’s future wife showed up at his door that same night, slamming her hand loudly against the door and shouting for him. “Steve, Steve, wake up. Damn it, come on. You forgot to pick me up at the airport. Who are you in there with? I said wa

Right in the Back

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I loved baseball and still do, but if you saw me at eleven years old you would not mistake me for that kid over there, the one with even an ounce of talent. Mine you’d measure in atoms.


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“Tell you what, Chaser, I'm still in the record book and that means I'm still alive."

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

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Heaven’s a blast! It’s like a big summer camp in space...We are the weavers of the tie-dyed sky.


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My son is on the field. My son is throwing a ball. My son is throwing a ball into a mitt. My husband is recording the number of times the ball is thrown. My husband is making little pie shapes in his book. He is making little marks.

a kid's guide to the art of the grift

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“We must never forget that we are children, and as children we dream, and when we dream, we dream of candy."


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The interpreter has dispelled the myth that H. sleeps with his baseball bat.

The $64,000 Question

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One day over a hardscrabble dinner of gristly beef and lumpy mashed potatoes, his uncle looked up at him and said, “Kee-rist, boy, school’s gonna start any day now. And winter ain’t far behind. I can’t keep you here. We gotta figure out something for you.

A Kids' Guide to the Art of the Grift

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“We must never forget that we are children, and as children we dream, and when we dream, we dream of candy."

Out of His League

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He strikes out with this one...

Ideas of Her Own

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She took the train to Brooklyn with her sister, Kitty, to watch the Royal Giants play. She said it was to show solidarity with the colored players. I asked her, “Is this some protest thing Kitty dreamed up over at NYU?”


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Dana Weinstein, whose pet dog died last year, has spent nearly $50,000 over the last six months to clone her precious Chinese pug, Yu, so she could have 'Yu Too'."It's definitely not for most people," said Dana about her extreme measures to recreate her pet. "No other dog…

Buy Me Some Peanuts

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The voice on the other end mumbles, not forming words, but I understand: I am to be the starting third baseman for the Detroit Tigers.