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I did not know it was you at first. You tricked me in your feathered form, a fine white tuxedo and black tie, your dark shoes polished to shine on Mars. You were a god to me but I still didn't recognize you at the lake. You floated out of the dark, froth

Bottle, man

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“Hey man,” this shadow shimmied up beside Brett heaving ether breath. Brett saw but he didn’t see him in the way you see movement in the corner of your vision, an annoyance, an eyelash in the eye. He didn’t want to turn to engage this man, he didn

(4) Caution

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“You shouldn’t have gone inside,” he said, after she told him what had happened. “I know that’s what you’re used to doing here, with people we know. But he’s not from around here. Don’t go back over there, okay?”

Black Eyes, Blue Tears, and Dark Thoughts

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At five a family relative took my life away from me and no one cared

Assailant (Under Construction)

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Hackleford stared into the line of shadow that marked the edge of the woods. He was a cautious man. He had bound himself to the belief there was no guaranteed safe place on this earth, that death could be instant and unexpected. And he was not prepared to

Broken Night

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Could I really seduce and rob a total stranger -- just on a dare?

Consent In The Age Of Kevin Spacey

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"I didn't ask you to unhook my bra." her words were blunt and bitter in blue and white iMessaging font. A gap of an hour went by and he grappled with what to say next. "I'm sorry." was all he finally came up with. "I thought you wanted me to. You