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Beloved, my Bess

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Let’s cast a sweeping look across this Apple Isle and see in a valley, little known to the mainland, a garden gnarled like old man’s hands behind a crumbling house of red and ochre brick.

'Bout Apples

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Sawyer walked toward the lone house with the sentinel trees. Behind him there were no tracks in the snow.

Honey Gold

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your light is gonna last me through the week

Apples to Apples

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“Honey, remember when we used to take you out to pick apples.” A sweet trickle of sound shattered the force field of silence that divided the front and the back seats of the dark blue Honda CR-V. Juliana’s only response was to change her focus from the w

A Place Called Hope

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It is a prayer he is saying, and it comes with the scent of apples, rotten. And terrible roses, all wanting something from him, something he can't give. He doesn't believe that he'll rise like the holy one, and go up, and be saved. He came here looking for something…

varietals (apple)

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Apples. As if you need more details.

White Legs in Green Water

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arms brittled roads forever in need of patching, hearts worn to mist,