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Not like a Palestinian mother clinging to her baby shot through the belly or the baby clinging to the last moments of life in the arms of his father who, when the life departed, held him up over his head


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That summer crawled with them, insects of every denomination: cicadas caught by the cat, wingless, came to rest in the roots of the garden we planted; sudden swarms of dragonflies...

"Saints, Angels, Bleach, Prayers" (2008)

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Shanti disappeared behind the beaded Jesus curtain that acted as her kitchen doow and returned with a bottle of Clorox. “Take this,” she said. “Use the whole bottle. And come by tomorrow morning. I’ve got a bunch of new stuff from the twenties


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She never saw me pull the wings off live flies or throw wood lice in the fire just to see them shrivel, drown a beetle in a stream of warm pee.


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My table offers up the gutted calf/ with carrots and potatoes yanked / alive and whole