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The Clown Show

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Long nights on the road and into the ravines, wondering wordlessly how far they had traveled and where they were going, wondering and forgetting and consulting again the map, although they now travelled those forests beyond the forests on maps

Our Calm Was Born From Your Burning

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You found the old general rocking in his library, half asleep in the dog days of what he calls his retirement, a corncob pipe clenched between his withered graying lips. Rifle barrel leveled at your chest.…

The Inheritance of Man

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And in the night the wild dogs bayed and snarled and rooted out your father’s corpse. The carcass hauled across the moonlit field while you stood waist deep in the grasses.

New skin

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For ten minutes I would have to sit perfectly still on the edge of her bed, thinking of Road Runner and the Flash and wishing I could do anything but sit there with my feet in warm, foamy water.


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[This story definitely WON'T be appearing in this month's "Alfred Hitchock's Mystery Magazine"!]