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~vanishing journal~

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like the sky opened up and showed me a palace above the clouds. he told me he has traveled south beyond the black sea, to constantinople where the ocean is clear green

~drug abuse prevention panties~

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She locked herself in the bathroom, turned on the tap and poured lavender Suave shampoo all over them and rinsed them till they no longer bled. She took off all her clothes and tried on a pair, turning in front of the mirror, thrusting her hips, pout

Heroine Sleeve The Bones of Your Image In Three Songs

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they rip the invisible stitches and race over the surface of the distance between us and kiss.

Cleverbot conversation RSC00206460

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maybe if I bat my lashes just right, or look prim enough to fly, you just might touch me tonight, and the dream will pop and fizz and I will wake somewhere, your hands smoothing these lines of worry away.

~elephant ink~

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one numberless character, an army of rants marching one by one, sand by sand, we move mountains this way…