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To Kill a Deer

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On September 12th, 2011, the ban on deer hunting became official. Apparently, the hunting and killing of deer had become too cruel. The ban had been a long time in the making. Ever since man began hunting deer way back in the day—somewhere between a fe


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They try to incorporate a little of Ravel around their edges, the ones where their molecules bump off into other parallel realities, into other non-localities, into other potentials. She isn't buying it. She's tuned in. And she can tell.

Yard Man

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It seemed there should be more tongue, so I started more, getting closer, and disguising my interest as being personable and caring about the yard triangle.

Time Travel And The Posse Comitatus McDonald’s Standoff

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Ricky's older brother Tom worked at a McDonald's, in the back half because of his full-face tattoos of Star Wars characters from outside the official canon, mostly creatures from fan fiction and Marvel comic books about the trilogy that were penned in a bizarro universe…

The Chainsaw Baron Prophecy

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I’d do the same thing every weekend: get high on fiber, design a robot. Wait, back up. I’d come home from work, Friday night. I didn’t know anyone in Jet City because I spent all of my free time trying to shoot my movie, The Predatory Lender’s Jukebox

Lizard Back

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The lizard is like wearing wings on my back, makes me fly like a dragon in my dreams, which I have all day long, while looking at you, talking to you, right now, having dreams in some part of my head. I'd like to stick out my tongue and lick the part of m

Time Flies

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Time has wings. They are bright and beautiful, like those of a butterfly. They are delicate wings, and they carry the years away from my decaying mind. I would break those wings if I could, for tomorrow I turn seventy-three, and I grow weary of their ince