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Your Love Is Breadfruit, Falling from the Sky

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He never mentioned his song “Breadfruit” fell from the sky, landed in his hand. The song climbed the charts: most downloaded, most played, most everything.

The Microseconds

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Only now, I realize it wasn’t wise to date multiple women simultaneously.

Folded Flower

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Attached in the center were the petals of a small flower pressed in wax paper. Uncreased, she read it out loud

How I Used to Ponder Stars

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Whenever I asked Beth, what if Star Wars was real somewhere, she’d reply, the Empire’s dead, babe.

Special Powers

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She and you ascend. Don’t ask questions of science, you say. Time, distance, gravity, vacuums, breathable air. Don’t ask, how do you do this. Most importantly, you say, don’t look down.

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

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Then it got quiet again, the kind of quiet that fills a car even with the radio on and the highway ticking away and the corn flying past regimented and silk tasseled.

Broaden Your Horizons

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Two crabs, Glup and Churg, sit on the beach watching incoming waves.

Respect the Dead

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Joe grabbed the camera from the asphalt, inches from the woman’s lifeless fingers, pocketed it.

Makeshift Optometry

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No matter what Mom did we thought she was amazing. She was sixty different women, feeding us meals, stitching our clothes when torn, keeping our house together.

Simple Parameters

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She kept the list in her purse, never showed it to friends. If she knew her words would not break him, she would say, it should be stricter, not so permissive. But she didn’t.

Phone Solicitation

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Look, I know we’re total opposites but we could be good together. We could meet at the local ******, grab a drink, go get donuts, fantasize.


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I remembered our wedding reception. I tasted the crab cake, pulled her from greeting people, said, you have to try. And she did.

Excerpts from Space Camp

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This is a work of excerpts. This isn't a coherent story. If you find coherence, please contact me immediately.

Wasted Years

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I plucked at an invisible Steve Harris bass, Mike pounded at phantom skins imitating Nicko McBrain, and Brian wailed his best mock Bruce Dickinson tenor. We couldn’t wait--Maiden in three days.

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

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Heaven’s a blast! It’s like a big summer camp in space...We are the weavers of the tie-dyed sky.