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air hugs

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but all I can give them now are air hugs

Jangling Note

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The art of boozing can't redeem a bastard.

Emily's Letter to her Husband's Lover

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I almost kept him on the shelf with all the trophies.


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A.The poem of rational progression is dulling.Make the leap. Go beyond juxtaposition to collision.We like poetry that does double duty, triple duty, quadruple duty. We like poetry that mixes the grit, poetry that has the texture of complexity.Reason asserts an…

From The Plague Year 2020

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I went to Costco

The Street Singer

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The Street singer gathers up his coins and counts to a hundred before The last string stops vibrating


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The child was delivered, set to breathing, and whisked away before Fae Anne could even catch a glimpse of her.

Poem with Hello - If You Say It

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an ache where nothing is

far outside

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I'm staying in swinging all night Hell not just all night but every night I can possibly sink my teeth into

Shameful Maneuvers

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Most of the boys I pretended to marry thought my classroom seductions were funny, but there is a chance that one of the boys turned violent against me.


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I visit my brother on Sundays, but sometimes I go Saturday instead.

I Waited Too Long to Remember

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We're in a sedate forest next to a boisterous beach. The sky is sea green above the trees and forest green above Sinepuxent Bay. Chaste squirrels are keeping a lookout for bad-boy gulls. Kids on circus bikes ride out of the woods into their bathing suits. The…

A Sonata For My Mother

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Because her mother died when she was five.Because a child should not lose her mother at the age of five.Because the nuns dressed her as baby Jesus.Because she wasn't educated past the age of 13.Because she had to stop going to school to work for her aunt's who beat her and…


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In disbelief she takes his hand

Lavender Blur

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Donna and I get out of the car...

I Still Miss the Sun

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I know I’m in the sky all night And can lie back and sometimes have some fun But these stars around me aren’t everything in life I still miss the sun After your first lover threw you back Into the frozen ocean of life You never came back

Our Skinks During Pandemic

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something about every human

2 Queers on a Seaside Bench Discussing the Ocean

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An impromptu anniversary weekend up the coast.Our hotel was parallel with the highway, which was parallel with the aforementioned bench, which was parallel with a footpath, which was parallel with the shore, which was slowly eroded by the Pacific. He was sitting on the…

Two Drunken Elves Don't Know a Good Hobbit When They See One

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Wait for it. It's not the end of the world, it's the end of certain things. It's not that the sky is falling, it's that the coral reefs are dead or dying. I don't know how the ravaged trees have managed to survive this long with us breathing…

Bruegel days, nights by Bosch

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no matter where we sit or how we stare— / all parades now march away to one day.


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Without a creator

Warm Day, Virus City

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From inside the baking hot car we watched our father, nervous in his face mask and gloves, step through the wooden gate into grandma's front garden. She was waiting for him, thin and lonely behind the frilled lace curtain. She held the iPad in her left hand, and she…

A Journal of the Plague Year, Day 29

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Sauve qui peut

The Truth About Storytelling

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irretrievably we tell ourselves stories irretrievably as beaded water slides off our skin

Neo Folk Rock Trio

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“You wouldn't be undressing me with your eyes?” asks Melissa, five minutes into our date. Curve of lip revealing hint of a smile. “I'm not going to dignify that with an answer,” I reply with a grin. I hope she's being…

verses versus verses versus verses

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reading books does not save you from death / nor does it keep poverty away: / what explains literacy's appeal? / reading books equips us to engage.

The Electric Slide

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The Pink Pandemic Sky Blues

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"There are many dark places;but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater."--J.R.R. TolkienBut, I'm not yet done! We are so sorry,the number you are trying to reach hasbeen disconnected. That is…

Ode to Flannery O'Connor

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December 1995 “It's almost Christmas! Of course I'm going.” Gert's bosom swelled like a peacock's fan. “If you were more of a Christian, you'd go, too, Joe.”“Right. And leave the Mr. Kiddie Porn King of the World Wide Web here while…

Extraterrestrial Bingo

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Let me tell you about extraterrestrial bingo: it's loud. They put the speakers over my head. And the microphone keeps moving. Most of the organisms here are old. And from another planet. I see a lot of tentacles. A lot of auras and bugeyes. Everyone seems to know the…