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That was why his face looked like a mole's face - the kind of face I could love and the only kind of face that I could talk to.

My Rice Krispies Treat

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He was a freak, but I married him anyway. I was a loner. I was lonely. I would have married a one-legged troll on Easter Sunday if it meant it would break me from my fitful, yet dull life.

How I Met My Wife

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I jumped in the cab and headed to the airport. My flight to LA was in an hour. As I headed for the door, a mad dash really, I knocked over a tabletop sculpture of Dante that a friend bought for my wife and I in Florence the year before.…

The Seven Year Itch

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It’s not every day that a girl like me gets greeted with a hairy beast that orgles and spits when excited. Didn’t help none that it only had one eye. Poor little ole bugger.

Kamikaze Birdsongs

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Twisting and twirling, nearing velocity terminal, the wishbones in their chests rise and fall with the cadence of different bird songs calling. As they whistle down each is distinctively screaming.