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Some Forms of Trust

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A friend of a friend of a friend was less fortunate and got knocked up at the worst possible time; rumor had it some vindictive bitch’d taken a safety pin to the condoms.

Bravo, Scrittore!

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I hadn't yet assembled enough pieces of Italian to explain any of this, but it was hardly necessary. The fact that I was a scrittore in a language foreign to her seemed to make me especially fascinating...

Sick Cycle Carousel

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"... not just a jerk, you're like the king of the jerks!" the Black man said as they came into earshot. "When other jerks look for leadership, they just pick up their cell phone and you're pre-programmed in as the first entry on their speed dial!"

Stream of Unconsciousness

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In his dream, he was choking on an ice cube. He didn’t know what would happen first — if it would melt or he would die.

Folded Flower

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Attached in the center were the petals of a small flower pressed in wax paper. Uncreased, she read it out loud

The Sound of One Voice Singing

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It was Christmas Eve ...

We Are Waiting For The Wolves

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You say we will go together to the park and dig a shallow grave and atone for everything we ever did by breathing soil deep into our lungs, and the wolves will leave.

Where Does Love Come?

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He was rummaging through his giant pile of clothing on the floor, looking for something to wear to sleep. When he couldn't quite tell what was dirty and what was clean, he knew it was time for laundry. Just as he was going to…


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She was wearing a black tank top and jeans, standing in the shade. Why was she there again? The camera hanging around her wrist answered her question. Right, he had called. He had asked if she could take picture for him and his…

A Walking Tour Paused

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In nineteen eighty-one an Iranian fighter pilot taped thinly hammered leaves of gold to the skin under his flight suit. A few glorious pounds overweight and carrying a helmet under one arm, he crossed the tarmac. It was his most finely executed maneuver. Before anyone…