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The calculation was precise.

Liz is Dead & So Am I

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He compared me to Elizabeth Taylor after flipping through the magazine but he never wrote himself in as Richard Burton or even Mark Antony.

The Other Side

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That was the first time I went over the wall. No bird opened its mouth to chirp. No wind blew. I staggered a little on the stony edge. And dropped down. I changed in a cafe. Shaved. Emerged as that rare thing: a new man. My clothes were old, saved for


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With each hospitalization she emerged as from a chrysalis in a different incarnation in a different world.

Book of Changes

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Innocence Lying awake in the dark, way past bedtime on a school night. Transistor radio under the pillow, earpiece plugged in. My brother breathes softly in the bed next to me and his pet iguana Gunga Din rustles in its cage. The scent of lilacs wafts in through the open…