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A Good Day For Small Crashes

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The woman opens her window and croaks: Dolt! Idiot! Retard! Do you wanna die? Moron!

Migratory Mistakes

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Unadorned tragedies pinpoint the worst angles of the road; simple crosses or bouquets line boulders painted with car crash smoke or skid marks that tiptoe to the edge of cliffs and then, apparently, leap.

The equalizer

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It all started with a middle finger. This is where the chain of events began in Benjamin's mind as his mouth filled with the metallic taste of blood and the crunch of broken glass rolled against his teeth. The pickup followed much too closely, but Benjamin was too…

Road Kill

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We looked out into the darkness and then at our children. The dark of the forest was feeding them with ideas, filling their imaginations with things beautiful and things wicked.

Weaving the Way

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Yellows and reds shed warp and weft bobbins of color spooling...

Traffic, I'm in no rush.

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Traffic, no need to be in a hurry.

Nature vs. Machine

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I allow myself to contemplate the peace in my life.

Junctions / Decisions

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Next to you, the mother tightens her grip on her stroller. The young teenager tears her gaze from her mobile phone for an instant.