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Leaving Hope Ranch

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“How do they torture you?” I asked, hoping she would tell me this time.

Things I Should Have Done - #1

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I should have left my ex-husband at the altar after that screaming match we had the day before we married.

Six Ways to Say Butterfly

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He repeated these six words like a prayer. His only confession.


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When I couldn't take any more of her abuse, she reached over and ruffled my hair as if that condescending act was going to make amends for the tremendous injury she caused my ego. Then she kissed me. I stood still not knowing how to react. I felt her tong

Facebook Man

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And then I made my fatal mistake, which was to have mercy on Facebook Man. I had run out of tortures or maybe the man had nothing to give me. He seemed to be made out of semi-translucent fiberglass. I let go of his throat and sat down on the floor, leanin

15:03, June 4th, 1976, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Take note of this time and date. Take good care to detail this young man's profile. The three moles that dance down his face, pillowed lips, strong nose and eyes that hide nothing. A rucksack brought all the way from America by his best friend, Mila. …