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From the Reader's Ingest, Mouth Theory

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After an extended period of time Professor Pulmorton had concluded his study, an undertaking as important as any conducted by the mind of man.

Am I Blanche DuBois

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I’m older now, men don’t fall at my feet except when they’re drunk. I don’t keep as many mirrors in the house. I know this, Stanley, I’m not stupid. I may be fatuous, but it's required by the canon.

Sowers of Nothing (ELECTRIC DELIRIUM 1.2)

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We dig up conscience-tunnels, pluck the play-flower of present choice for fun, run aground, past this dimly lit, though not to be underestimated, stage, and open door upon empty door, to nothing, for the lights are a pulse flickering in the perceptual per

Big Barf Theory

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We’re lucky it/ was chunky spew,