Stories tagged surreal

Unday Morning

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At the Bizarre Bazaar in the village of There You Are we waited on the platform when the Midnight Special steamed into the station pulling a plain brown wrapper disguised as an invisible train

Blind Date with Nostradamus

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Some silliness to start the new year with a smile. Warning: this piece contains nothing of any literary value. I mean, seriously, not even by accident. Happy 2012 to you all.

The children of the riddles

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Those curtain wearing warmongers With jelly eyed fish scales painted to the back of their necks Those were the days


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summon the chamois to hyperspace

down to the beast league

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Savor the whistle.

The Defective Detective : The Curious Case of the Kilchester Courier

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In which Clint is sucked into a remarkably civilised but mildly deranged crime scene. There he encounters almost-blackmail, not-actually prostitution, probable-sex scandals, genuine-imposters & the very real theft of something incredibly important. Twice.

Animal shelter

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Lie awake in the night without night and the Monday comes

Maths class

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There is a hole in my ear hair And it points the way to god The anatomical construction of my drinking sessions Is irrelevant

The Phosphorescent French Fry

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She's speaking again, this time in whispers. Her head is shrinking in on itself. If there is a way to save her I'm not aware of it.

Living Through Fuzzy

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They politely urged him not to get too involved with his creations.

Star child

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The radiation of shadows It sits in the dwindling sun Speckled with frosted memories Treating the night like a rented car

Full Frontal Shameful Replication of Incorrect Anatomy

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I look down at my free of clothing genitalia and curiously note that the testicles sprout from above my erect penis, and my scrotum is so taut, hard and shriveled as to conjure squished images of a gigantic pink peanut.

Melodies with an Octopus

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The supervisor, sensing the fear in me, pats my hand and says "Never you mind! This is normal in the tomato. Every few days we rile up, make sauce, and regrow again. Have you ever been in spaghetti sauce before?"

Pollen in the night

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Jellyfish jellyfish Indigo eyes

Banana Creme Pies for Sixty Percents

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Suddenly the auditory havoc dies down and she falls into a loop, saying BANANA CREME PIES FOR SIXTY PERCENTS over and over.