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(Younger Driest)

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He did not seek a place on a cabinet, nor to impress stockholders with placards of wealth and return; he did not enumerate the downtrodden and asocial with advertised miracle treatments, or write a best seller on the markings of success. All he did, all h

Poetry: Bizarro

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I think theorems and hypotheses but all that comes out is punching and smashing frustrated hate flows where I'd prefer to know love.

The Suicide of Superman

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Superman had just changed into his pajamas and was unpacking his Chinese takeout when he was consumed by an immense explosion.

Locked in a Small-Town Cage with My Superheroes, and Having No Way to Get an MFA... (Memoir)

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...I grew up in a provincial town which at the time had no bookstore and no library — no library even at school...

Go Hard or Go Home

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The sound of Lois's voice penetrates my dream. “Time to get up Honey, you'll be late for the reunion.” I groan and pull a blanket over my head. “The reunion's the last thing I want to think about.” It feels like there's a…

Forgetting Superman

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I forget you. Upfront: that’s how this ends.