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Magnificent Pigs

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I retrieved the book from the middle of the room and set it in front of her. "Look," I said. "If we open the book up again at the beginning, Charlotte's alive. She'll always be alive in the book."

Spiders on the Wall

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Her eyes creaked open in the misty morning sun seeping through my dusty window. From her facial expression, I could tell she thought I was watching her sleep, but really I had just woken up and coincidentally looked over at the exact moment she did. I decided against …

stay out of the garden

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. When the shiny black legs of the spider breach, they are followed by a torso the size of an apple.


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I thought drowning you was the answer. I had barely opened my eyes as I leaned over the sink to brush my teeth, and you were poised near the drain, a furry brown spider, and the largest one I had ever seen up close. I was afraid to smash you, so I flooded you with…

Spider Fuck

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SPIDER FUCK The horniest picture I ever saw was in National Geographic. It was a spider's asshole magnified fifty times. Resembled a soggy Cheerio on a slate background. I haven't been the same since.…

Wednesday Night Aliens

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The old-timers at the Working Man’s Club wear a sheen of indifference every Wednesday night. Beneath the wafting, cresting mountains of burning cigarettes smoke, the train-track rattle of dominoes chipping at the dark wood tables in the corner, the consta


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TO MYSELF Need for a change a live target. Paper bull's-eyes, cardboard gophers, balsa ducks, balloons, too boring for the cool of a Saturday morning. Nobody anyway likes these things. This one seems to have lived a fat, full life. …

Live Oaks

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Neither/ evergreen nor exactly deciduous./ And soon, a yellow residue of pollen/ smearing hoods and windshields