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We're All Guys Here

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Ron looked over the table. Everything was the way he left it when he went to bed last night. The Ruger was still there, the oily newspapers and the ramrod, the grey polishing cloth. And the white boxes from the Chinese take-out joint, stained an oily tan


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I would do anything to make these zits go away.

Gasoline in E-minor

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Don't ignore me. You saw the man, you saw the woman, you saw their car. They have food wrappers on their dash and furniture in the back of their car. Observe, report, analyse. "Yes, that will be ATM."

Open Wounds

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Where the skin had grazed, shredded by the coarse gravel to form scabs, fascinated Jack. It reminded him of his youth and his own grazes, scratches and stitches. As a boy he imagined scabs were rough foundations of igneous rock, blood like lava pouring th

Fateful Day

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Erica was practically pushed into the dressing room, three dresses in each arm and a tag saying "6 items. Attach tag to doorknob and bring all items and this tag to attendant when finished" in her mouth cause she had nowhere else to put it.

On Socks

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There’s a hole in my sock, just large enough that my big toe keeps slipping out.

Late Night / Early Morning

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It's 2am. The wind is moving at speed, whipping gently the tree branches, and their leaves rustle simultaneously to create a audible sound, like hands flipping through sheets of paper, or that feeling you get on your fingertips when going across a textured surface. I'm…