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O'erleaping Ambition

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“Listen, Mother – you’re my ticket out of this burg and I’m not about to cash it in!”


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Miranda tripped, and her folio went flying through the air, above the sidewalk, near the Cathedral. All her scores went fluttering into the trees like dozens of white doves coming to rest in the leaves and limbs. Some of them caught the wind, and went cir

white church

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Politically, legally, physically, we're all shit out of luck.


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Only surrounded by mosaic walls is she fully herself, only when her voice lingers around the marble columns lit by rose windows, her face glowing in the tinted light, the wind singing through her in the windless space

Queen of the Night

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Elaborate effusions, dramatic warmth. She couldn't help but perform, and she made sure even paradise could understand her gestures. A professional of charming artifice. I began to understand Miranda a little better.

Arts and Mysteries

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Take the wings of birds: a whole flock turning as one in the morning wind. Or take the smooth branching of leafless trees, the upright Y shape unassailed in its precision, but inexplicable, somehow inverted from what should be. Or the movements of fish beneath the…

Before It Ended

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its fire wet language singing in my mouth.

Fake Empire (Thanks Matt)

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Your voice is yearning, Like a sad song on the radio, A yarn spun to make hearts break.