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The Man Who Lives In My Shower

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There is a man who lives in my shower. He was here when I moved into my apartment three months ago, so I didn’t have much choice in the matter.

Two-Hour Delay

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Marge sat up and looked over the fitted sheet: little flecks of red outlined the wide silhouettes of her and her husband. They’d been in the trailer for almost a year and were still working on what Marge called “livability.” Bugs, mold, odors. It wasn’t e

Full Frontal Shameful Replication of Incorrect Anatomy

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I look down at my free of clothing genitalia and curiously note that the testicles sprout from above my erect penis, and my scrotum is so taut, hard and shriveled as to conjure squished images of a gigantic pink peanut.

Remembering the Future

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I stand in your shower borrow your scents- Peach Caress Soap …

A Shower of Rain

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So, yes, there is a sprinkle of belief

A Shower of Rain

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You have at least an intermittent belief.