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Twenty Questions

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Did you take out the trash? Did you water the ficus? Did you cancel the cable? Did you take my black sweater? Did you tell the neighbors? Will you get the friends? What about the cat? Will you send me a Christmas card? Will I tear it up? Did you know…

Authentic Smorgasbord Dinner

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"I can't believe they let you in." He talked to Harold the way he talked to me. Harold said, "I was okay then. I was perfect!"

The Storefront Poet shouts "Venceremos!" on Telephone Road (edited)

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She smiles a perfect smile and I, Diego del Menor Rivera, a man who sells new and used poems from a storefront on Telephone Road in Houston ... I am suddenly witless ... and immediately in love.

Reuben and Rosemary

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80 words. From a prompt: Write a piece about a restaurant whose menus rhyme.


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Imagine this: One day you are walking down the street (wearing your protective mask, of course, the cloth one you bought the other day because you liked the color and design) when, by chance, you happen upon a strange sight.