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Killzone Excerpt: The Island (Day 183)

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He was already up before the sun could cast the usual large, black blanket over the island’s tropical trees and paint pictures within its jungle. By now, the helicopters were already in landing position. Bullets and plasma shots were being sent back and f

Five Bucks.

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“For Chrissake! Just get me one of fucking Tony's half-assed, made in China bullshit, getaway cars. My plate is hot!” I had never hated cars so much before. Not so much the cars, but the sound the cheap ones made when they drove past my house. The…


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I don’t think I like where we stood To see these golden paths of what could I hate to think I awoke from this lie

15 MPH In The City.

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The drops of water stuck to the windows like she stuck to Marlboro

The Moon And The Ocean.

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The moon is always there for me pulling back and forth the white caps of my heart, and guiding the stream of my mind that carves away at my rib cage The bodies of water never meet I can walk for hours alongside the stream Following it…

Small Gaps.

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My sorrow and pity/Became an extension of my body/Always reaching for her embrace

High School War.

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Tight ropes and children singing Dark gradients and high school performers The music plays, motivating the hungry soldiers, but who am I to fight in this war? They spin and spin at tempos equivalent to my heartbeat …