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Advice from Topeka

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... I know all about ax murderers because Elmo, my uncle by marriage to my sister who never had any sense was one. He done killed six women in a farm outside of Topeka in the space of they say three minutes, including my sister and her bingo friends . . .

Sewage Tank

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One of the biggest mistakes he'd ever made was licking that light post, the one just outside the x-rated theatre on Delaney Street. He'd attended church that night at the chapel down the road, said, "The sermon set my hair afire," and he meant it, literally. I heard…

[TD100 - 1] The Woods

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The second time I watched him, I helped him carry her to the woods. [100 words].

And Then The Hunger Had More Power Than Even The Sorrow

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Delilah couldn't articulate why she was sometimes uncomfortable watching her husband interact with his mother. (573 words)