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The False Lords Of Romantic Love

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I, too, am guilty of the ancient, air-borne crimeThat for spring of woman usurping womanPerforating senses, she too winters over time. Ah! it behooves, how men like to believeThe more attractive this genome of woman is,The more dedicated will be her love. Disillusioned,…

Some Things You Never Forget

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Some things you never forget, especially if they are repeated frequently. I cannot hear her voice saying those words, now, I have forgotten its timber, its pitch, but I remember the words.

The 5 Senses of the Apocalypse

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The Rapture comes and goes unannounced in carbonated soda bubbles spicing the air.

In Search of Vince’s Quinces

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Beautiful, he thinks, as he taps the ash of his cigarette over the balcony, but this is not good enough.

Human Kind Can’t Bear Very Much Reality

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Particles flung by the sun pierce us through, undetected