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It's Christmas!

The Gherkin

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Concerning the procedure, he used the surgical we. "We will remove the excess and the fat cells," he said, "will never bother us again."


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We decide not to go to the emergency room

Tim Bodett Ten Years Clean From Benzos

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Later, I'm going down to the continental breakfast for a cinnamon bun; I'm gonna get it on the bed sheets; then have another one.


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The capsules tumble around, one of them plinking against the crown in my upper-right jaw. I hate the crown… a mute reminder of the first time Brad hit me. Swallowing the capsules, my tongue probes the left side of my mouth, finding the other two crowns…

Hero Song

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paper cuts, an old film unraveled from its reel, risking exposure.


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I should have known to wear boots on Teddy’s motorcycle, but I didn’t know that when the engine heated the exhaust pipe became hot as a griddle. Teddy didn’t warn me, and I thought there was something wrong with that, but I let it go the way I jumped on h