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Saturday Night at the Yeti Fight

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“What part of ‘only bettors can watch the Yeti fight’ do you not understand?!”, he yelled. “Either place a bet or get the hell out of here!” I begrudgingly gave him all of the money I had on me, about two hundred, and placed it on Demonio B

Foodarama Saturdays

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Dan and I perfected the art of procrastination, while tornado warnings did their radio-test rrrrn-rrrrn-rrrn groan on my Sony clock set. We imagined the trailing tails of these cork-screw clouds, dusting some outlying part of our sprawling city, lifting

Saturday at the Pre-owned Super Store

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We do not want to be here. Need ensnares/ and pulls us. We put on its tightened face/ which mirrors that each guest will wear