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Cornelia’s Confession

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Cornelia took a deep breath and then said in a rush, “I want you to make the Devil leave me alone, drive him from my life, save my soul, make me whole again, cleanse me."

The Revival (an excerpt)

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She clutched it tightly at all times, guarding not against the theft of what minimal amount of money it contained, but rather to protect the objects that rendered it less of a purse and more of a first-aid kit for administering religion to folks she beli

Grand Finale

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Adam hitched his dinosaur to a covered wagon. He drove the Virgin Mary to the Faire. Shiva rode behind them in a silver limousine combing out his long and flowing hair.

gravelortian part 25

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I come up and out of the hole onto a village street in the middle of a parade celebrating the arachnid god.

Personal Hell - I'm Not Scared, Just Disappointed

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Satan is a wide-eyed Pollyanna mime who communicates with a ventriloquist dummy that corrects my grammar, speaks in internet acronyms, tells me that I’d be a lot prettier if I just smiled more and lost fifteen pounds, and nags me about how all my problems

D Evil in the D

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when the devil dies he divides enough evil for everybody