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My First Post-9/11 Dream: In Which I Discover Life After Death

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January 3rd EST/January 2nd PST 2002 It's 1:45 am or 10:45 pm depending on your philosophy about changing your watch when you fly. My plane is scheduled to land in San Francisco soon, but I'm completely disoriented because I've just had my first post-9/11 dream. …

Face of the Earth

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I am a bomb but I mean you no harm.

Hitler's Angel (A Meta Christmas Carol)

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Christmas is here and there's work to do.

Who In This Room Shared a Drink with Johnny Cash? (Memoir)

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...where I grew up the only celebrity one could count on seeing was Santa Claus...


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I noticed his eyes were two different colors, or one moved strangely, floating randomly in its socket.