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In My Father’s House There Are Many Murders

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My father said that he had been ready for that journey for many days past and that he had asked often for the spirits to come and take him. He prayed to the god of the heavens and to the earth mother. He prayed for the three of us, and he prayed for the s


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Traces “A photograph is not only an image (as a painting is an image), an interpretation of the real; it is also a trace, something directly stencilled off the real, like a footprint or a death mask.” Susan Sontag, New York Review of Books, 23 June 1977 …

Touchstone: Excerpt 4.

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His wealth showed best in her full figure.

Elegy for Nelson Mandela

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For you, heaven.

At the Revolution

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When we go to the streets/ we’ll have no guns