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Red is a boy...

Bright Red

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They shoveled coal into the furnace of the city so the ghosts would be warm for their haunting.

What Quenapril Willed To The Follicle

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Pay day Exacta mundo till she burned your brow red with profundities ...

You Don't Know Jack

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Red runs in rivulets against the backdrop / Into a pool, a morass, that is his life

Winter’s End

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this is not some/ sparrow, overfed-

Winter’s End

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this is not some sparrow, overfed-

Five Breaths Or Less

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She flew through the air, linen skirt billowing around her. Below, her buckled bicycle was taking a different route. Less aerodynamic than she, its trajectory was brief, crashing into the ditch. Elspeth kept on flying. Time slowed, and expanded

Halfway Out The Door

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She asks if I only write about men, which I tell her is redundant. I also answer, “Yes, but sometimes I write about them as race cars, hyenas, vaginas, or God.” She smirks like she wants to smile, but it’s stuck halfway out her door. Her happiness has