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Sister Switch

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“I’m sorry, Alison, but I just don’t think things are working out.” The girl blinked and opened her mouth, as if about

Keep Your Hands Off the Clients

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Her name was Carrie. And yes, it was love at first sight. Yes, she was a client, and you were supposed to keep your hands off the clients. Everyone in real estate knew that. She came into my office and took a seat in the reception area. I had a listing on

Easy to Show

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“3.9 million dollars,” she whispered to the window.

My Experience At AWP Collecting Imaginary Husbands

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OK - imaginary hubands... you know who you are! Now it is time to earn some money and wash the car! Confession: Chris Bell proposed hiding a few dozen red roses behind his back. This could have been the highlight of AWP if I hadn't already been marrie

When Horses Fly

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Gerald's law practice wasn't new. He'd worked on the law review and finished near the top of his class thirty years ago. After earning his J.D., he'd gotten a master of law in taxation. His favorite cases required researching legal precedents, and he…


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And I admire// the orchestrations of ants and honeybees/ and the persistence and adaptations/ of the cockroach.