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Take Out

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You're stupid drunk. And not feeling so good. You know you should stop doing this. But what else is there to do, especially since your brother went in? And now Roberto's gone to pick up his lady and left you alone, empty. Couldn't even drive you home. You don't…

The "N" Word revised

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The shameful glance my dad shared with the black man made me know as we walked away that there was evil in the produce owner's laugh as he said "DANCE!". Heritage not hate my ass

I Can't Answer

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Each afternoon at three-fifteen, Jermanique’s father picked her up, pulled his white Ford 150 up to the gates of the school and rolled down the tinted windows and called, “Come on, Baby,” in a booming voice. The other children looked on. I’d wav

Hand and Glove

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She was a church girl, like all Annie's kin, always dressed all buttoned-up and proper. The clothes couldn't hide her, though. Tits like softballs and an ass like a whitetail deer's — curvy and all muscle. I loved to watch her. The way she walked.

The Bridge

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The Bridge Barstow had not wanted to listen to Griff. Griff was not making the right decisions, or he thought Griff was not making the right decisions. Thought he was walking a…


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the darkness held frieghtened by the surveillance of a distant white shimmer.

His Laugh is My Yellow (or explaining skin color to a six-year-old boy)

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Max is the color of burnt caramelized sugar the sweet crust that decorates our bright enameled pots.

His Laugh is My Yellow (or explaining skin color to a six-year-old)

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Max is the color of burnt caramelized sugar the sweet crust on our bright enameled pots.

Black Children Learn Derivatives

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The white faces of the train look up in an attempt to satisfy presumption, smoothing out any interest into glassy eyed gestures toward looking but lacking the very important quality of sight.


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“Hi. I’m Rita Bates,” I had said. “Can I sit here? The boy who introduced himself as Thomas told me I could, so I did, and his friends all introduced themselves in turn. Around the table there was Bev, Ernest, someone whose name started with an F – maybe

The Boards

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A midday surprise visit ended his second board: with Reginald in one arm, his foster-mother opened the door on a horrified case worker.

Fertile Ground

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Miriam forced herself to focus on the kitchen door and on putting one foot in front of the other. “Is everything alright?” she heard Ada ask the family. “Of course, everything is fine,” the woman said. “What could be wrong other than the impossible serv

Self-portrait as Black Object

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monstrous chameleon, / schizophrenic Janus