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They giggled at me when they thought I was asleep, giggled at the size of my balls, which had never been a problem before her. Said it was because of my tiny balls that we only had two children.

Conversations With the Psychic Reader

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She said in all my past lives I’ve always been a woman and I’m stuck in this relationship and he’s not coming back so I should just move on and get over it I was a little sad but yeah I’m gonna go back to her one more time


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Jill's number on Carol's caller ID. The sister she practically raised after their mother died of a stroke when Carol was 12. It had been months. Jill was avoiding her because Jill's idiot husband Mark had reneged on his promise to buy Carol's…

Snake Eyes

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Traveling with a live chicken on a city bus is an experience I hope never to repeat.

The Fixer

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When someone asks me what I do, I tell them that I am a fixer. I fix things. There is nothing that cannot be fixed. Will it ever be as good as new? That is subjective, but I will fix it for you.