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Begonia {part four}

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Mezereon smiled his biggest smile at the princess, but to her it looked quite frightening; rows of gleaming, pointed teeth were what she saw, with wispy tendrils of dark gray smoke still wheedling their way out between them.

Princess, Prince, Dragon

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I had to do everything myself.

Snow White

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Well, here I lie in my glass coffin . . . like a frozen soul waiting to thaw out . . '

Like a Prince

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I have acted like a prince muchof my life, never mind my gender.I removed your obstacles as otherskill dragons. And when I came downfrom the mountain, still covered in sweatand mist and dragon blood and the sweetsense of triumph, you, like a princess, hada haircut…

Lines for a Princess

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I still have sparkles on my skin from last night's dance