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'the future is a binary mess'

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The past is a conversation.The present is Twitter.The future is a strange blend of punctuation and emoticons,or possibly silence.Language is shrinking.I am not certain we should ‘win' the future.The girl that ripped my stub had a shiny butterfly-shaped pin on her work…

'seaweed robocop'

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I feel like the bright idea of a forgetful person.I sense an urge to misbehave also.I am purposely standing in the opposite corner of a man riding with me in the elevator.I need the distance to setup and deploy my personal bubble,the bubble in which I am king,in which…

< let's play Cranium 50 years from now >

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I admire the difference you make on this gumball-shaped planet thing we live on.You act like a museum dedicated to the preservation of 'the full range of qualities in human beings'.You could turn noise into 'the sound of God playing the violin'or…

'break the record for sadness'

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I AM TALKING TO PEOPLEAaaaaAaaaaAaaaaa. I feel drifty all the time like an empty-headed pinwheel,or a colorful but aimless kite tied to a bike.Also I lack purpose maybe.Everyone keeps talking about food all the time and it is depressing.I wish I was…


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Whole frogs are/ too difficult.

Perdita in pieces

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Perdita's confusing profusion of parts makes it impossible to know which way up she goes.She flutters beneath the camera's shuttered stare, …

Shut Up and Dance or "Greensleeves", In Its Way, Was Once a Pop Song

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The catchy tune and cloying lyrics/ nonetheless etch their patterns