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Prom Date

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The dump smelled of the chaos of creation, of rusting metal and burned glass, chemicals and rancid rainwater, wet cardboard and rotting wood, paint slaking off clapboards and drums.


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Pion's long fingers fly from black to white, white to black, without missing even a measure. The nocturne starts soft.

Play Pen

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we're only playing with this language you and I

American Muscle

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The forest is ours, the sea belongs to the Brits and the Americans have heaven.


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I play like I do with sister at home, pretend everything’s real, that the cross is heavy, that the walk to Golgotha is long.


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I own this property. You can't camp here. No camping allowed.

Scene from "The Broadcasters"

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You think I had a choice? Let me tell you something. They own you. When you get this popular, they own you. Not the network. The people. The network just makes their best guess what the people want and gives it to them. You want to know why we do it? They


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A violent act strikes at the heart of a family, and Mila seeks refuge in a private boarding school. It is her memories of her neighbor friend, Jerome that comforts her. If only she could return to their play, the world would be a better place.

Annum Faustum

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Up pops one head, then another From the vine’s dark covering Heedless of the boy and his mower Passing feet from their play


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Children imagine dying all the time, especially when someone in their life, someone close, has died. Children's games often include pretend dying, flopping around after being shot for about three minutes, choking, falling to the ground and…

The Stairwell

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She lived on the top floor, supposedly the best floor in fancy buildings, but rather less glamorous when in a building with no elevators.


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“Jerome always came to play with ideas. It was like he was already thinking about it before we started. I loved his ideas. It caused me to think about it as well. We did variations on a theme and there was always a goal. Sometimes it was to grow and deliv

Sowers of Nothing (ELECTRIC DELIRIUM 1.2)

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We dig up conscience-tunnels, pluck the play-flower of present choice for fun, run aground, past this dimly lit, though not to be underestimated, stage, and open door upon empty door, to nothing, for the lights are a pulse flickering in the perceptual per

Benefit Tonight

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(Night. Two police officers stand at the bottom of the steps of a metropolitan museum, checking tickets. Spotlights sweep the sky; only a few stars are visible through the ambient glow of the city. A banner hanging on the front of the building reads: BENEFIT…

Icebreaker (second draft)

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A short play based on college life.