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The Serious Writer And His Hamster

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The serious writer has a hamster. The hamster is dying.


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My son is on the field. My son is throwing a ball. My son is throwing a ball into a mitt. My husband is recording the number of times the ball is thrown. My husband is making little pie shapes in his book. He is making little marks.


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The next week, she sends a small white box in the mail / with tissue paper, a ceramic mold the color of bleached bone—


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Abby sat on the slate floor of the strange kitchen and gagged: Mr. Titters's end had precipitated a surge of diarrhea—frothy, moist, and impossible to expunge entirely from the white carpet, as if he had became an icing tube in…


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Then I see her walking down the grass aisle: my assignment. She looks nothing like the image I have been trained with, but her identifier is strong.

Full Circle

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I staggered away in the storm tears frozen to my cheeks.