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The Song of the Jardin Venus

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The place is a living rebirth, And all death is only temporary. For soon in the land, the soil, For soon in


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There was a velvet king down there in his earthy house. His name was Hades and he had a bad reputation: the lord of death, etc.

A memory of worms

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Seph loved to scare her mother in the garden by picking up a worm with the tines of her gardening fork and chasing her with it, the dirty-pink body twisting on the end. Dee would scream a little, always eyes on the worm, and run slowly, as if…

The Mechanics of Crayfish

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The boys would plead to to catch it one more time, and though it was getting dark in the noxious dry swamp, where radioactive isotopes had seeped into the soil, Yuudai would urge them to recapture the crayfish.

There Was This Girl

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Oh! Oh! This girl this girl this very little girl was found and found and found again, tied to trees, tied to tracks, stuck in bubbly stew, shot with arrows, hacked to bits with ambitious ax.